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Configuring phpList on Siteground

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Over the weekend I was working on setting up phpList, a newsletter program, for Victoria AM Association.  The problem for them was communication to members and friends.  The largest mail list they have was about 650 names and tools like Shaw webmail don't allow a single send of that size.  Shaw's SMTP servers also disallow such mass mailings.

Given the technical limitations imposed by Shaw the VicAM office manager ended up with this nightmare process.  First, she would take the email list out of excel and into word.  There, she would divide it into groups of ~200.  Then she would make a single email formatted correctly in outlook then make 3 copies of it and paste each group of emails into the BCC field.


Install phpList version 3

This is easily accomplished in the user control panel using the softaculous tool.  Be sure to note the installation details... particularly you're administrative user ID and password. 

Configure send mail options

This step requires that you edit the phpList configuration file.  To do so, use the siteground Control Panel and select the file manager tool.  Navigate to the following file and use the code editor.

<phplist installation directory>/config/config.php

At or about line line 315 you will find the queue processing options.  You need to define the following variables in order to comply with siteground's antispam and throttling options:






At or about line 515 you will find the options for configuring your outbound email server.  Set the following variables:

define("PHPMAILERHOST",'<your domain name>');

define ('PHPMAILERHOST','<your domain name>:2525');

$phpmailer_smtpuser = '<valid email address>@<your domain name>';;
$phpmailer_smtppassword = '<email password for abvoe>!';

Installing ckEditor (optional)

I wanted a more full featured editor than provided by fckeditor so I installed it's big brother. There may be an easier way to do this but what I did was install the ckeditor drupal integration package and then update with a more full featured version of ckeditor.

Install ckeditor integration package

  • Download and install the integration package.
  • Configure the full featured tool using CKBuilder.
  • Download your configured package using the source (big & slow) option.  I had problems with the "optimized" version.
  • Now, in siteground's file manager, navigate to the <phpList root dir>/admin/plugins/CKEditorPlugin directory.
  • Rename the ckeditor directory to ckeditor.original
  • Upload the zip file you just downloaded from ckbuilder.
  • Select it and use the extract tool to unzip the contents.

Final Configurations

Go to the phpList config menu and select settings.  In the general settings area, make sure the information is correct -- particularly the Person in charge of this system field.  This must be a valid email address on your system to pass siteground's security checks.


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