Shine*Ola - Sample Design

Shine*Ola is an event planning company in Victoria.  I met them working on a volunteer effort and they expressed dissatisfaction with their existing web site so I prototyped this as a home page for them.  The existing web site is an off the shelf template that was then modified in a hurried fashion.  I was rather astonished because they are great designers which was obvious when I looked at their business cards.  So I mocked up a new homepage for them carrying over the business card design theme.

This never went anywhere.  They were too busy to worry about a web site update.  But I had fun doing the design anyway.

PS:  If you need an event and you like working with community minded people, then let me highly recommend Shine*Ola.  Head on over to their website.  Trust me on this... their actual design skills FAR exceed what is shown on that website.

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